An Annual Party

Many couples grow up in families where a particular holiday or event is celebrated every year, and an annual party is part of the festivities. Some youngsters may yearn to become adults so they can avoid it, but others will embrace it with every fiber of their being. If two people get married who have been in this situation, finding a compromise when their life together first begins is a good way to measure how their relationship will fare into the future.

It takes a great deal of involvement to throw a successful party, but it only takes a negative attitude to make it into a failure. If one spouse is against doing it, they can make their partner absolutely miserable. The lack of support from a significant person in someone’s life can be like throwing a wet towel in their face, and it is a way to ruin their good time. Finding ways to avoid this situation is important.

Fully supporting a spouse’s activities is not always necessary, but at least a little support can make a big difference. The person might not particularly care to be part of the celebration, but attempting to do their best as a host to the guests will go a long way in assuring their spouse of their support. Taking the time to listen in on the planning sessions and contributing ideas is another way to be supportive. If a spouse who prefers not to entertain guests is at least neutral on the subject of an annual event, they are contributing in a positive way to the relationship.

There will be many times in the life of any couple when they disagree, but recognizing the importance of an event for their partner is something they should be able to do. It might not be the best time for them when the yearly function rolls around, but just avoiding complete negativity in the face of it will help their relationship blossom for another year.