Learning to be Social

There are people who find that being in a group is a disconcerting experience, and they tend to avoid parties where they are expected to make small talk. If they marry a person who loves to mix and mingle, the couple could eventually run into issues. One spouse will be desperate to get out and enjoy the company of others, yet they know their partner is terrified. Learning to socialize can be the answer to their problem if they have patience and are willing to compromise.

It can be difficult for a person who is not overly fond of socializing to be able to interact with others, and their anxiety when an event is coming closer can make their task more difficult. Their spouse could help them with information about the other guests, and they might even be able to ease the pressure with a few practice sessions of small talk. Giving their partner a hand with this issue could make a big difference in their future, and it should at least let their spouse know they care about their concerns.

Entertaining as a couple is not always easy is the best of circumstances, but having one of them hobbled by an inability to socialize with many people can break down their relationship over time. Helping a partner overcome their fears and anxieties is part of what a marriage is about, so giving them a bit of tutoring in the art of small talk is something a partner would be willing to do.

It might take a few years before the less social partner is ready to really enjoy going to parties, but helping them through their anxieties can be a saving grace for the couple. They could find that it is a way to celebrate their relationship when the hesitant person suggests they throw a party of their own.