Summer Entertaining

The great outdoors is often seen as even better when it is warm enough to be outside for hours at a time. A gentle breeze wafting across the lawn may be a welcome addition to a game of croquet, or it could be the key to defeating a tennis opponent. Cooking food over a grill is often a big part of what people look forward to as the weather warms, and couples with different levels of social skills could find summer is their best entertainment time.

The person cooking is expected to provide limited conversation as they concentrate on keeping the food from burning, so a partner with fewer social skills might do well with a grill. They can wave and be sociable once the food is served, and everyone will be happy enough as they dig into the food. It can be a way to connect with others without feeling too exposed. Doing useful chores while socialising is a good way to get the conversation rolling without making everyone nervous.

One more asset to outdoor entertaining is the availability of space for everyone to roam around. Kids can play ball in the yard, their parents can take a relaxing walk while sipping cool drinks, and even the teenagers can have some fun. Everyone will be a bit more relaxed and spread out, some participating in sports, as the day progresses. It can be an ideal way to have a day of social interaction on a relaxed scale.

There will be times when the weather turns bad and everyone is forced inside, but at least they will have something to talk to each other about when that happens. Everyone knows someone else controls the weather, and they can relax as they chat and decide who made it rain that particular day.