An Artful Compromise

Couples intent on ensuring their relationship survives whatever life throws at them are often willing to look for solutions as a team, and artful compromise has long been their goal. One person might love to have parties every night of the week, but their partner prefers peace and quiet. They can cut down on their social activities to please them, or they can find alternatives that will work just as well. For each person in the relationship, there must be a balance between what they want and need.

The partner who prefers peace and quiet generally has a good reason, and it should be explored to find out if there is room for change. They might not like loud music, or they could feel too many people robs them of needed air. These are conditions that can be changed, and they might eventually come to enjoy gatherings of family and friends at their home.

Throwing parties on a regular basis is the life that a person with many social ties seeks, but there could be reasons they tend to be the host many times. It could be they suffer from a lack of confidence in being invited out, or they might believe inviting people over all the time signifies their control of the relationship. Both of these conditions can be explored to help them gain confidence, and the couple should realize that the feeling of control is not a good one.

Spending life with each other might be fine most of the time, but two people diametrically opposed in their lifestyles need to find good compromises to keep their relationship balanced. Throwing fewer parties is not necessarily the answer, but finding out the reasons behind their opposition is important for their future relationship. If they want to compromise on their responses, they will first seek out the real questions.