An Entertaining Couple


An Artful Compromise

Couples intent on ensuring their relationship survives whatever life throws at them are often willing to look for solutions as a team, and artful compromise...


Creating Successful Gatherings

It would almost seem that two people are destined to disagree about things even though they have chosen to create their own life as a...


Acts of Defiance

When a person has chosen to make a commitment to another, their duty to the relationship is not necessarily to spend all their time pleasing...


An Annual Party

Many couples grow up in families where a particular holiday or event is celebrated every year, and an annual party is part of the festivities....


Learning to be Social

There are people who find that being in a group is a disconcerting experience, and they tend to avoid parties where they are expected to...

Two people who have committed to building their future together must have at least a few things in common, and their level of social interaction is generally one of them. When one person in the relationship is very outgoing and the other is not, it can cause friction between the pair. A person who likes to throw parties is going to tend to plan them, but their spouse hiding in a backroom while company is present can become an issue.

Being able to compromise is an important part of keeping a relationship healthy, so this couple must find a way to level out their socialization skills. If they do not, their relationship will ultimately dissolve. Learning how to balance a need to entertain with a need for solitude is their goal, and each of them must be willing to participate wholeheartedly in the desires of their partner so they can form a lasting bond.